Near Death Skydiving Accident

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Back in 1999 Tim was having a normal skydive over Lodi, Until he tried to deploy his main canopy.

Tims Website:

The pilot chute did not pull out the main, this resulted in him doing a cutaway and deploying his reserve. Due to the reduced pressure on the container when the reserve deployed, his main also deployed. This is normally not much of a problem if the main canopy remains in the deployment bag and detaches from the skydiver. In Tim’s case this did not happen, Due to his right hand riser not detaching correctly (most probably because of the reverse rises) his main was pulled out of the deployment bag and entangled around the right hand side of his reserve. Tim did manage to release the right hand main riser but it was to late the main was fully entangled in the right hand side of the reserve. This caused the reserve to dive towards the ground if Tim tried to stop the dive the entire reserve would collapse.

Tim Spent a couple of months in a wheel chair and returned to the skies a year later. He is still doing this sport today… In fact its his carrier.

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