Mason man killed in Middletown Skydiving accident

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A skydiver has plummeted to his death after failing to release his parachute in time.
The unidentified thrill-seeker, 47, died in the tragic accident at Ohio’s Middletown Airport on Sunday morning.
He was a very experienced skydiver with more than 95 jumps under his belt but released his parachute 1,000ft below the 3,500ft limit.

He died on impact with the ground half a mile from the airport.
John Hart, the co-owner of Start Skydiving in Middletown, said that the tragedy was not caused by an equipment malfunction.

‘This wasn’t because of a problem. Maybe he lost altitude awareness. He did use his reserve chute but it deployed too late,’ Hart told Journal-News.
‘It’s unfortunate but is was completely avoidable. This was not a reflection of a safety problem but a reflection on not making good decisions,’ said Hart.
The Federal Aviation Association is still investigating the skydiver’s death, as officials probe the parachute’s packing, the pilot’s training and the certification of the aircraft.

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