Double parachute fail video: Skydiver survives terrifying skydiving accident

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Do you know what’s bad? Falling! To be more specific; falling out of the sky. But, while most people agree falling out of the sky is bad, some people disagree and think it’s good.

Those people, including the one who shot this video in late January over Perris, CA, call it “Skydiving” to make it sound more like a sport, and less like a pants-shittingly-stupid-catastrophe.

The guy who shot this video would argue that “Skydiving” is distinct from falling because he has, not one, but two parachutes! Unfortunately, neither of them worked on this occasion, so, I’m sorry, this is still a case of old fashioned “falling out of the sky”.

People usually remain on the ground by default, but this guy made the mistake of paying a pilot to take him to the sky, and then he fell out of it as a consequence.

Fortunately, while he might suck at the “falling out of the sky” part, he’s really good at the “hitting the ground” part.

Most people hit the ground with a “splat”, he merely goes “Oof!” and sustains only minor injuries. So, the lesson here is “Don’t fall out of the sky” but if you do, “Go Oof! Not Splat!”


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