Bad Mr Bill – skydiving accident

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Uncategorized

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OK, so this is a giant cock up. The original plan was to do a Mr Bill (our first). Armed with the collective wisdom of several drunk people garnered from the bar the night before (gotta love the Skydive City bar), we moved towards the door. As with all things ‘cocked up’, it is a series of mishaps that compound. In our case it was a missed count that had us turning out the door. My buddy Matt threw as planned (i have the GoPro) and promptly wrapped all four legs with the bridle. With a good minute in hand before anything really bad happened to us, i just let him work it. I am pretty sure, both then and now, that had i let go and tried to push away, that i would have made matters much much worse. As Matt clears the mess, our new problem is that we are the better part of terminal and head down with a rapidly deploying canopy! If you can catch the individual frame, you can see that he takes a wallop to the throat (chest strap) that i am really glad did not happen to me. Needless to say i was ripped off (not sure if i was even trying to hold on). As soon as i was stable i dumped to see if Matt was floating down unconscious (silly bugger was fine). All good fun now, but i am really glad i didn’t follow one genius’s advice of passing my arms through the chest straps and locking my hands – my arms would have been ripped off! I have since found a much better way to do this (on YouTube) and will try this method in the future 🙂

Blue Skies 🙂

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