10 Deadliest Daredevil Accidents

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Top 10 deadly daredevil accidents.

From wing suit cliff falls to wing walking plane crashes, we count down 10 of the worst and deadliest daredevil accidents. Jane Wicker was a wing walker who’s plane tragically crashed. The pilot nor Jane Wicker made it. Kyle Lee Stocking was attempting a giant canyon rope swing as popularised by the viral YouTube video, but he miscalculated the rope length and fell 140ft. Dan Vicary was one of the world’s best base jumpers and skydivers, however in 2014, he was involved in an aeroplane crash when him and another friend decided to jump out of a helicopter in wing suits. Pavel Kashin was a Russian free runner and parkour enthusiast, his 16ft fall was caught on camera as he slipped backflipping on a ledge of a high-rise building. In 2015, a shocking incident happened when a 14-year-old Russian boy named Maxim slipped while performing a stunt on a railway bridge, he was electrocuted and fell from an extreme height. His fall was caught on camera. Erik Roner was a professional skydiver, but his life and career came to an end when he hit a tree at a golf course in California whilst skydiving in 2015. Dean Potter and Graham Hunt had a terrible accident while skydiving in Yosemite National Park in 2015. Matt Cranch, also known as the human cannonball, was fired incorrectly in a cannonball stunt, his launch and fall was caught on camera and Matt Cranch had only been a stuntman for 1 week prior to the accident. Sean Cunningham was accidentally ejected from a Hawk T1 plane in 2011 in England and Johnny Strange met his doom when an unknown error caused his wing suit to malfunction whilst diving off a cliff.

Jane Wicker
Kyle Lee Stocking
Dan Vicary
Pavel Kashin
Erik Roner
Dean Potter
Matt Cranch
Sean Cunningham
Johnny Strange

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