Near death wingsuit collision that paralysed skydiver

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Wingsuiting

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A 23-year-old man who is currently paralyzed from the waist down has released footage of the mid-air skydiving accident that saw him plummet 14,000 feet into power lines.Mexican tourist Sebastian Leal was lucky to escape with his life when a skydive at Zephyrhills, Florida went horribly wrong.GoPro footage shows that five seconds after leaving the Twin Otter N30EA skydive aircraft, Leal collides with a fellow jumper, sending him into a near-death spin.

An audible crash can be heard seconds before the Mexican national hurtles towards a roadside below.Dressed in a luminous green wingsuit, designed to allow users soar like a bird, the 23-year-old was carrying out his 402nd jump when the horrific incident occurred.

At around 750 feet – which is 1,750 lower than the recommended height to deploy a parachute – Leal’s reserve chute deploys, before he smashes into power lines breaking his back in four places.A quick-thinking passersby, who spotted the fallen man, then called the emergency services which almost certainly saved Leal’s life, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The second man, identified as Carson Harty, also had to be hospitalized with less serious injuries.

Speaking to WFLA News, Leal said he is due to undergo intense rehabilitation and is determined not to let the accident stop him from enjoying his pastime.

“I love playing wingsuits. I encourage people to try it and I have no regrets… It is a great feeling,” he said.

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