Tube Skydive + Making of freefly tube

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in FreeFly Videos

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Making a FreeFly tube with Charlie´s canopy which is out of commission.

I didn´t find any tube designs on so I just came up with one. I tried to use as few materials as possible, which is why I used the canopy lines to connect the handle to the tube.

The safety cable is very handy to make sure that the tube doesn’t inflate when at the door. I got the idea from David and Mel 🙂

PS1: I should have used a swivel joint because if the tube rotates (which it shouldn´t if the fabric is cut and sewed appropriately) then it can trap the hand of the flyer. Having a swivel allows the tube to rotate freely without rotating the handle.

PS2: It was mentioned to me that perhaps the diameter is too small for the length of the tube, which makes it move so much.

PS3: I think the tube would fly better if the handle was further away from the tube. Other tubes have it longer and they seem to be less affected by the burble.

PS4: When deploying, the tube should be kept well away from the body.

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