Skydive Bobbo s Bigways+Bigz Sequential Official

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in FreeFly Videos

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This video is a collaboration of The Bigz Sequential and Bobbo’s Bigways all held at Skydive Spaceland. These events are held to Push the sport forward and to help keep the Memory of Robby Bigley alive. Robby was a huge influence on modern Freeflying Sequential Skydiving. Bobbo’s Bigways was originally organized as a fund raiser for our dog Bobbo’s Cancer battle. Bobbo was named after Robby!! Unfortunately after a six month long cancer battle he finally lost the battle. These events are about family and bringing everyone together to share our love, and passion for each other as well as our Sport!! Live Bigz!!!

Special thanks to Skydive Spaceland for always taking such good care of us!!

Event Organizers: Stephen Boyd, MX Bill Halsey, Mike Knight, and Donagene Jones

Video flyers: Stephen Boyd, Brian Buckland, Mike Carpenter, MX Bill Halsey, TJ Landgren

Additional video footage: Daniel Croft, Leland Franklin, Jim Harris, Ryan Risberg

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