NCSL 4 way Formation Skydiving practice in the iFly Wind Tunnel

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Formation Skydiving

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This is my second NCSL 4-way tunnel kicker! I’ve graduated to Rookie class and here I am flying with a 4 way team of two rookies and two coaches: Ryan (red helmet) and I (blue/gray jump suit) are the rookies. Lori (towards the bottom) and Matt are the coaches. We had nine 70 second turns in the tunnel and this was our last one of the night. We were doing M-P-N (Star-Sidebody-Crank I count 22 points! I think other teams were cranking out more points, but I felt very good about our results! I’m trying to think of a crazier thing to do with a Thursday night… it’s not coming. 🙂

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