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It was practically an amusement park here today when not consumed with watching the DIPC skydiving talent in action! Crazy slacklining demos, A skydiving museum, vendors of all kinds, the CARS(!), Powered Paraglider races and demos, and a final show by the amazing Red Arrow demonstration team from the UK.
This short video talks about what has become the staple of competition skydiving; Formation Skydiving (or “FS”). DIPC 4 has two different types of FS events – 4 way and 8 way. Watch and Learn.
Edited at Skydive Dubai Studios:
Angel Railean, Butch Pablijan, Chester Barria, Emma Merritt, Michael Panahon, Shabeer Kottrath, Tigoi Sy

DIPC contributing Video Crew for this event:
Brad Merritt, Chris Pope, Darcy King, Emilia Plak, Frank Täsler, Greg Shelton, Junior Ludvig, Max Bruffell (CF), Michael Panahon, Rhys Kempen

Panoramic photography/post by Frank Täsler
Voice over by Prussia Nala Kiva

Music by Audiosocket

Song title: Redemption (Long Hair) (Instrumental)
Artist name: Ghost In The Machine
Writer(s): Michael James Kern, Chris Weerts
Publisher(s): Leopona Sub A

Song title: Love of The Club
Artist name: Ryan Enzed
Writer(s): Ryan Woollerton
Publisher(s): Leopona Sub B

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