Accidental cool skydiving video – head down formation (extra education in the written caption)

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Formation Skydiving

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One of my skydiving videos from back in the day… a super cool accidental visual, yes, but also a great educational piece on a bunch of different fronts.. to fly through the inevitable benign bumps on exit no matter what your discipline.. to approach the formation in your quadrant… to get on level… to fly on level in your slot being patient for the formation build in front of you… only taking your grips when it is built (“let the center build” “build the center first” 😉 ).. a clean 180 before breaking off to clear the space behind you… tracking away cleanly.. safe deployment of your parachute and clearing of your airspace once you’re open, ensuring you are flying a clear safe direction once open while you stow your slider and do your controllability check. Check. Cool, I hope this helps.. safety always always always first. Also, I hope it makes you feel better about however you make it happen flying yourself.. I look so weird in this. Hahahaa awesome. #skydiving #safety #education #skills #knowledge #cooleyelashes #isthatwhatmylimbsdo #weird #cool #TheVSC

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