Skydive.Naked – We Want You! (Consul Discs) [Full Album]

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Skydive.Naked – We Want You!
Released 2012-03-30 on Consul Discs
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1. 00:00:00 Skydive.Naked Beautiful
2. 00:04:44 Skydive.Naked Love Burns
3. 00:09:09 Skydive.Naked Don’t Leave
4. 00:12:42 Skydive.Naked Fear
5. 00:17:35 Skydive.Naked Crack
6. 00:20:31 Skydive.Naked One Of These Days
7. 00:24:54 Skydive.Naked Fuego
8. 00:26:15 Skydive.Naked Fire
9. 00:30:45 Skydive.Naked Nothing (Gets Me Down)
10. 00:35:38 Skydive.Naked Rewind Redo
11. 00:38:44 Skydive.Naked Love Detonation
12. 00:42:06 Skydive.Naked Miss You
13. 00:48:05 Skydive.Naked Smart Dog

We Want You, the second album by the Skydive.Naked quintet, came out in 2006. Back then 4fame wrote: „complex song structures, everchanging guitar sounds from twin guitar to acoustic parts, a delight for guitar afficionados, kudos to six string artistes Andy Schardin and Boris Bigott. You scarcely can manage to count the tempo changes, there’s blues, there’s rock – and Oli sings on top of subtle guitar lines on high levels that one could think his voice has been pitched. No way, he really can do it!“
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