Skydive.Naked – Overdive (Consul Discs) [Full Album]

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Skydive.Naked – Overdive
Released 2012-03-30 on Consul Discs
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1. 00:00:00 Skydive.Naked laeuft
2. 00:00:12 Skydive.Naked We Are Alive
3. 00:03:13 Skydive.Naked London
4. 00:06:52 Skydive.Naked Ultimate Estate
5. 00:10:57 Skydive.Naked The Hole
6. 00:15:07 Skydive.Naked Black Water
7. 00:18:50 Skydive.Naked Venus Hill
8. 00:22:05 Skydive.Naked One More Tequila
9. 00:24:47 Skydive.Naked Doing Time
10. 00:29:15 Skydive.Naked Patchwork Heart
11. 00:34:25 Skydive.Naked Chemical Switch
12. 00:39:14 Skydive.Naked Skydive Philosophy
13. 00:43:35 Skydive.Naked Oblivion

Imagine this music would be a kick boxer fooling around just to make you laugh. Next he tells a heart breaking story while picking you up for a hell ride. If you want it more solemn, take Skydive.Naked’s description: “pop – grunge”, and “retro – progressive”. Sounds like: The Clash, Muse, Queen, Uriah Heep, The Sweet, Kiss, Cake, late Red Hot Chili Peppers, early Foo Fighters, etc pp… Here’s the Skydive philosophy: ‘just’ good music for your brain, your belly, and your bottom… For those who don’t dare to believe: Skydive.Naked is a German band.
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