My 100th Skydive – Tribute to Ricky

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Fooling Around

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On July 31 2014, I completed my 100th skydive. A celebratory jump, I wanted to dedicate it to an old friend, Ricky Rosengrant, whose untimely passing happened the day prior. For our spin on the traditional “hundy undie” jump, we did a 13-way “musical shorts” jump. Everyone put their shorts over their rig and underwear, then once in the airplane we took them off and banded them up. In free fall we swapped shorts a bunch, and under canopy we put on whomever’s shorts we ended up with. Did I mention it was also Steve’s 100th jump, so we both went naked? First naked skydive! First 13-way! I hope Ricky would approve. Rest in peace brother.

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