Start Skydiving in Ohio, AFF Check Dive

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in AFF - Accelerated FreeFall

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What happens after your First Solo Skydive?

There are a series of 25 jumps that gradually teach you how to be stable on your own in flight and then how to regain control if you become unstable, followed by a jumps that will teach you how to control motion in flight.

THAT’S RIGHT! You’re not just falling when you skydive, using the wind you can actually Fly Around with full control!

Check out this video of an AFF Check Dive. The last dive in the 25 jump sequence where a student has to demonstrate a series of controllability checks set by an Instructor.

After completing this jump, the jumper in question (his name is Justin, you can meet him when you come out, he’s the one that typed this email!) earned his A License and continues to jump to this day.

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