Skydiving Disaster AFF Level 3- 2nd instructor video

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in AFF - Accelerated FreeFall

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AFF Level 3 completed (28/08/15)

After checking in with both instructors on this level, I had been so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten my legs and therefore didn’t complete the exit signal (out, in, arch)

As a result of this I pushed off and smashed my face of the aircrafts step.

I felt my face hit something on the way down and knew immediately it was because I had forgotten my legs.

Despite the bad exit, I wanted to complete the level to the best of my ability showing both instructors that I could remain focused and professional by still carrying out the objectives successfully. Not only did I want to have confidence in myself but I wanted them to have confidence in me.

The objectives of this level-
-1 Pratice pull
-Opening at 5,500ft

Both instructors were very pleased with my ability to carry out the jump despite the injury.

Injury information;
I have to get teeth reconstruction and have 2 stitches on the inside of my mouth and 1 on my outside chin.
As I was in free fall, the wind makes my lip worse and by the time I was landing it was difficult to see my landing zone because my goggles were filled with blood, despite my attempts to remove them.

I was extremely lucky that I didn’t have a more severe injury.

Despite the injury, I pulled my parachute and landed safely.

Hopefully by showing my bad exit it will serve as a warning to those completing AFF how important it is that you exit safely.

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