My AFF Skydiving Final

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in AFF - Accelerated FreeFall

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Here is my final AFF skydive to become a certified skydiver!
-front dive into front flip exiting plane
-360 right
-360 left
-back flip
-track east or west

Me and my best friend took all of my courses at Skydive Ogden, located in Utah. They’re awesome there:)

And yes as you can see in the video I almost lost my altimeter haha. The strap was coming undone during the skydive and came all the way off right as I was pulling my chute, luckily I held on to it with my fingers

Haha and don’t laugh at the music, it was a free song that came on the laptop and I used it since I don’t use my laptop for music. The song is, Long Tall Weekend by, They Might Be Giants.

Blue skies everyone!

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