Trag3dy as hero Marine is kiled in freak skydiving accident while on a trip to Australia his wife..

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Tragedy as hero Marine is killed in freak skydiving accident while on a trip to Australia his wife had won on Ellen show

What started out as a trip of a lifetime won on The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended with a U.S. Marine plunging to his death from a plane in Australia.
Brandon McGraw, 33, a Marine from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was pronounced dead in Euroa, Australia, after a freak accident during a skydiving excursion with his wife, Cherilyn.
According to a report in The Jacksonville Daily News, McGraw, an Afghan War veteran, watched his wife do a tandem jump and then exited the plane.

In an interview with the newspaper, an employee of the skydiving school said McGraw’s jump was going fine until shortly before landing, when his parachute suddenly veered left and right and he slammed into the ground.
The 33-year-old gunnery sergeant was pronounced dead on the scene at around 12.30pm local time after going into cardiac arrest. His wife was not injured.
On January 16, 2012, Cherilyn McGraw went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and won the Stuff Your Down Under Pants contest, taking home a trip for two to Australia.

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