Skydiving Gone Wrong Fail | Parachute Crash Landing Into Fence Post

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January 2004 – Skydive San Diego. Here’s an example of skydiving gone wrong. This guy was from the British military. Wyat filmed him as he came in low for a landing and crashed his canopy (parachute) into the fence post at Skydive San Diego, California. As I recall, this newbie skydiver only had about 75 jumps. He was jumping a small canopy for his experience level. He had a high wing loading at the dangerous “not much room for error” level for the low number of jumps and experience he had.

You can land a canopy in the red zone just fine 50 maybe even 100 times. But it’s that one time when things stack up against you that it can bite you in the ass. This guy was lucky and only got a cracked rib from this landing mistake. But this skydiving incident could’ve been a lot worse for sure. Take it slow people. Live to fly another day. There is no reason to rush things and downsize too quickly.

Wyat filmed this with a Sony DCR-PC5 hand held digital video camera. He would normally get better footage, but he knew the guy was getting low and was going to crash so as a natural reaction to watching carnage he dropped the framing a little bit.


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