Skydiving death: James Bond stuntman killed in wingsuit accident

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Wingsuit accident ends in tragedy: A professional British stuntman who memorably parachuted into the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony dressed as James Bond died in a wingsuit skydiving accident in the Swiss Alps near the town of Martigny on Wednesday.

According to British press reports, 41-year-old Mark Sutton was taking part in a three-day event in near the French border.

He and other jumpers were being filmed for the event.

According to The Mirror and The Telegraph, Sutton jumped from a helicopter around 11 a.m from a height of about 10,800 feet.

The Local, a news website, said Sutton had intended to land near the village of Le Peuty, but something went horribly wrong and he hit a ridge. The impact killed him instantly.

Police said they did not yet know what caused the accident.


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