Is Skydiving Safe | Skydiving Accident Statistics

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If you want to know if skydiving is safe you’re in luck. In this video I go over the chances of injury and death from skydiving as well as sharing accident statistics.
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A lot of people think of skydiving as a dangerous sport because when there is an accident it ends up all over the news. This is because it doesn’t happen as often as…let’s say…car accidents.

Of course, more people drive than jump out of planes which does skew the statistics a bit but if you’re curious about the safety of skydiving because you’re considering doing it make sure to watch the full video because you’ll see the process I was taken through in preparation for jumping out of a plane and you’ll get to see clips of the jump and the landing.

And for the record, skydiving is a blast!

Special thanks to Skydive Taft for the awesome experience!


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