GoPro video captures man convulsing before he can open his parachute; Skydiving accident compilation

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1. A skydiving student has cheated death after he had a seizure while skydiving at the West Australian Skydiving Academy drop zone at Pinjarra.

2. A professional British stuntman who memorably parachuted into the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony dressed as James Bond died in a wingsuit skydiving accident in the Swiss Alps near the town of Martigny.

3. James “Jimmie” Horak, Jr., 56, fell 15,000 feet to his death when his parachute malfunctioned while he was tandem skydiving with a student, David Meek, in Lumberton, Mississippi.

4. Erik Roner, extreme sports athlete and star of MTV’s Nitro Circus, was killed when he skydived straight into a tree.

5. Korean actress Jung In Ah’s body was discovered on June 16, 2015, tangled with her parachute, floating in the sea near a breakwater.

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