Far Cry 4 WingSuit, Skydiving Explosion Jump Stunt Challenge Game Video

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Wingsuiting

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– Far Cry 4 WingSuit Explosion Stunts Challenge-

What is Challenge Me : Gaming Edition?

I write down your challenges on small piece of papers.
i place them in a small plastic cup.
And then pick one of the small papers. I read the Challenge…then do the Challenge.

You can Challenge me on any Game you want….make stunts, do animals vs humans….etc….but the games i already own are the following:

– Cod Black Ops 3
– FIFA 16 (PS4)
– Far Cry 4
– Just Cause 3 ( PS4 )

and many more.

Challenge me on any game…if i don’t have it…i will probably buy the game, to complete your Challenge.


I will always try my best to complete your Challenges.

Today’s Challenge:
-The WingSuit Explosion Jump Challenge-

I will be jumping off a mountain with my Wing Suit, slowly flying towards the Building made up of ammo pile ( it will be exploding ). So the challenge is to enter and exit the exploding building without dying.

I hope you enjoy the new, challenge me video.

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