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Posted on 30. May, 2012 by in Wingsuiting

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Helmet cam footage from wingsuit flights at the edges of the United States, including California (Lake Elsinore), Florida (Zephyrhills), Nevada (Mesquite), and Puerto Rico (Vega Baja).

Scene Details:
-At 0:14 flying through an opening in the clouds over Southern California before a storm rolled in.
-At 0:26 & 2:28 flying over the border between Nevada and Arizona, we all agreed that it seemed like flying over Mars.
-At 0:57 exiting quickly when the landing beach was spotted through the clouds over the ocean.
-At 1:05 footage captured while flying in the new Nevada state wingsuit formation record.
-At 1:48 third party footage of me flying and deploying my parachute during some flight training with Douglas Spotted Eagle.
-At 2:38 start of the Puerto Rico footage – amazing place – the only time I have exited over the ocean and flown back towards the coastline to land on a beach.
-At 3:58 is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life flying over the coastline of Puerto Rico.
-At 5:36, the last scene was captured while participating in a vertical formation world record organized by Flock University, 25 expert wingsuit fliers exiting from two airplanes. Our break off group ended up getting lost in the clouds on that specific flight and landed in a field next to some cows miles away from the takeoff point.

See more footage of the 25 wingsuit vertical diamond record: vimeo.com/19552772

Wingsuit Pilots: Justin Shorb, Douglas Spotted Eagle, Matt Santa Maria, Joel Hindman, Joshua Sheppard, Abe Sheppard, James Raimar, Brian Voils, Tim Hedderich, John Kallend, Zach Schroedel, Alex Scheidt, Jason Carter, Kyle O’Donohue, Scott Callantine, Brian Snarr, Andreea Olea, Simon Repton, Ralph Kubicsek, Ben Lowe, Savage Sac, Cate Flies, Rick Hough, Greg Drogaline, Scott Bland, Michael Swearingen, Ryan Maher, Mike Masheff, Nick Wright, Dennis Sattler, Scotty Burns, Jt Valente, Jeff Donohue, Tim Smith

Primary footage captured and edited by Richard Schneider, Lake Elsinore parachute deployment scene captured by Douglas Spotted Eagle.

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