Tandem Skydive [Walldorf (Germany)]

Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in Tandem Skydives

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Flying like a bird is man’s greatest dream. On September 26, 2009 I fulfilled this dream to myself by doing a tandem skydive. It was a present to my birthday last year by the most amazing people I know. My friends!!!

On this perfect day I drove with a friend of mine and his two kids to a small airfield in Walldorf (Germany) where we met up with the other skydivers from the “Mannheim skydiving club”. They shared the airfield with other skydivers from the local skydivers club.
After the introduction to my tandem instructor and the guy who was doing the video for my jump it was time to find me a suitable jumping suit, some glasses and a cap for my precious head.

Then I had a short briefing on things I needed to know for the jump. The right position before the jump on my instructors lap, how to exit the plane and the signal when I could open my arms during free fall. I felt absolutely safe the whole time because they explained just everything what would happen during the flight with the plane and so on.

At ~ 4000 feet (1200 meter) one skydiver in training left the plane. This was the moment I finally realized what I was going to do some minutes later because we stayed on board the plane an went up to ~ 11500 feet (3500 meter) for more fun.

Speaking of fun first a couple of numbers. ~ 124 mph (200 km/h) during free fall for about 40 seconds. Releasing the parachute in ~ 4000 feet (1200 meter) and then softly floating down to earth for about 2 minutes maybe longer. It’s hard to count seconds when you’re so excited. *g
When we jumped out of the plane it was like a rush of joy hormones running through my vines. I was screaming, but not because of fear. It was the most intense feeling I ever experienced in my entire life so far.

When we landed I felt like a little child on a fairground. “Mummy, mummy, just one more time! Please!” You could say it’s like a drug you become horribly addicted after your first shot. Let’s see what will happen next year. If I’m still addicted to skydiving I will do another tandem skydive or better take skydiving classes so I can jump by myself.

Last but not least I would like to thank the people who helped me realizing this dream of a lifetime. Thank you Antje & Mario, Tanja & Gregor, Anke (R.I.P.) & Alex, Claudia & Sabine, Stephanie & Oliver and the guys from the Mannheim Skydiving Club.

Music: DJ Spoke – Fall to Pieces (Short Edit) [Track One Recordings]

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