My First Skydiving Adventure, UK Parachuting

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Tandem Skydives

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I gave my sweetheart a skydiving experience as his birthday present. Obviously I couldn’t miss out on this awesome adventure myself, so here is the video of my jump.


The plane would actually get down faster than the jumpers. They told us this before we boarded, so when I caught myself thinking at one point up in the air that what if I chickened out and didn’t want to do this, should I have the right to refuse to jump or not, I straight away changed my mind and came to the conclusion that the safest way back down is just to jump and hope for the best cuz the pilot is way crazier than the instructors.

The whole thing happened ridiculously fast, it was maybe 30 minutes from when we stepped into the office to sign in until we were back on the ground walking back to the car. I had no idea what was going on, the safety briefing took about a minute and then we were already in suits, boarding the tiny airplane with some other people (apparently 14 max). The more experienced jumpers were first, we were the only tandem ones and I was the last one to jump from the plane. Don’t think I would have been able to jump by myself, so it’s great that the instructor was there for that. He was so cool all the way, I absolutely loved him! It was just a strange feeling free-falling and going through the clouds. I didn’t really know how far apart I could hold my arms so that’s why I look like a frightened tyrannosaur. I was also holding my legs in a wrong position, so that’s why my instructor kicks me at one point heh. How embarrassing! The first scary part for me though was when the parachute was opening and I was imagining being ripped away from the instructor (which obviously didn’t happen and is a silly thought). Even scarier was when he gave me the steering handles and made me spin left and right, it felt like a 1000x amplified Alton Towers ride and it didn’t really make me feel all that great. It was fun gliding down with the parachute though. I was able to see the sea and a bull-shaped labyrinth in one of the fields heh. The whole experience blew me away and I didn’t really know what I felt once we got back on the ground. I did feel quite nauseous and before driving back to Birmingham, I had to stop the car, get out and lie down in a field for a few minutes. All good stuff though.

Also, I am fully embarrassed about all the retarded things I do in this video, how stupid I sound and how I look like I’ve shat myself on the way down, eek!

All this happened at Beccles airport, UK on Friday, September 13th 2013.

(Awesome experience, but I don’t know if I’d do it again since now I know what’s coming and back then I was absolutely clueless).

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