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Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in Tandem Skydives

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Skydive Toronto website:

Hey guys, this is my 1st skydiving experience. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. If you’ve ever thought about going skydiving this is the time.

Ken Domik

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Contact us if you have any other inquiries, would like to purchase a certificate or to make your reservation!

Main Office
Tel: 1 800 668 5867
Tel: 1 705 458 9339
Fax: 1 705 458 0831


Pilot inquiries

3065 4th line, Cookstown, ON, Canada L0L 1L0

Welcome to the exciting world of Skydive Toronto Inc. Congratulations! You have found us!

Skydive Toronto Inc. is the longest established and most experienced skydiving school in Canada, with over 37 years of operations all conducted by original management, and over 250,000 jumps successfully completed.

Our skydiving school was founded in Ontario in 1972. Over the years, we continued to grow, until our latest move to our new and current location in Innisfil in 2006. Less than 30 minutes north of Toronto via highway 400, our present location makes us very accessible to you, our customer.

Skydive Toronto Inc. offers all aspects of skydiving. Whether you are looking to make your first skydive, or have hundreds or thousands of jumps, we are focused on assisting you with achieving your goals. We have helped thousands of skydivers make their dreams come true, and assisted them to become avid, skilled skydivers. This could be you.

Our mission is to offer you, the customer, the very best in tandem skydiving, solo first jump courses, progressive free fall program (PFF) and gradual free fall progression (GFP). As you become a certified skydiver with certificates of proficiency (A,B,C,D) we have various programs for you including skill enhancement seminars, safety procedures, coach and instructor courses and competition development streams.

Skydive Toronto Inc. instructors are among the most experienced in Canada with personal jump experience ranging up to over 10,000 skydives. Our competition skydivers have represented Canada at numerous world skydiving championships. Of the recent Canadian Parachute Team in Canopy Piloting four of the five members began their skydiving activities at Skydive Toronto; of the Canadian Parachute team in Precision Accuracy, half the team members (3) trained at Skydive Toronto. We have skilled experts in formation skydiving, freefly skydiving, canopy formation, canopy piloting and precision landing. We are Excellence in Skydiving!

Skydive Toronto’s facilities are the best in Canada: operations are conducted out of a modern 12,000 square foot hangar supported by turbine airlift, and currently holding a #1 safety record.

We welcome you to this wonderful world of skydiving, and look forward to seeing you in the skies with us!

– The Skydive Toronto Team

So you want to make your first jump? Do you want to freefall at speeds up to 120mph? The Tandem Skydive is an excellent choice!

The Tandem Skydive program at Skydive Toronto Inc. allows you to get the full skydiving experience, all with the assurance of having an experienced instructor connected to you.

The program begins with approximately an hour and a half of ground preparation including: a skydive orientation video, registration, then a skydive rehearsal on one of our aircraft mock ups. Here you will be able to ask your instructor any questions concerning the proper techniques for exiting the aircraft, flying your body in freefall and controlling the parachute descent.

Next, you will get geared up in the equipment provided: a special skydive jumpsuit, para helmet and altimeter, and board the aircraft with your instructor. You will then climb up to jump altitude (10,500 to 12,500 feet), from where you will launch your skydive!

READY! SET! GO! Freefall for 30 to 45 seconds at speeds reaching 120 mph! Want to pull the ripcord? No problem! Just advise your instructor. After you or your instructor deploys your main canopy, you will experience a 5 minute panoramic canopy ride down into our landing field. And what a scenic view! All of Lake Simcoe, Barrie, the aerial view of Highway 400, and the dramatic skyline of Toronto!

Want to relive your adventure? Don’t forget to add the video and stills option to your skydive! They make one awesome profile picture! In addition, you will receive a first jump certificate, perfect for mounting.

Want an increased experience? Check out our Shania Jump! All the benefits of the tandem skydive, but with two more skydivers flying beside you!

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