Lucy’s Tandem Skydive Slovenia 2014

Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in Tandem Skydives

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25th August 2014 and almost 41 years since I made my first parachute jump at the North West Parachute Club at Cark airfield Grange-over-Sands, Skydive Lesce near Lake Bled, Slovenia would be the setting for my last day in this amazing sport. I did not want to stop by just drifting away with no memory of how I came to no longer skydive so what better way to make it special than skydiving for the final time with my two daredevil kids alongside me in the air- their excitement and eagerness to join me on this adventure so unforgettable. This is Lucy’s skydive- her second and my final adventure in the great playground in the sky – or perhaps in years to come Lucy or Tom will one day take their old man on a tandem skydive themselves- now that would be be another amazing family experience!

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