Garret’s Tandem Parachute Jump – 1st Time – Skydive The Ranch – Gardiner, NY – Aug 8, 2010

Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in Tandem Skydives

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1st time skydiving. Location: Skydive The Ranch on Sunday August 8, 2010. Tandem jump instructor was Rob (aka “Batman”) and he was awesomely ‘hands off’ and let me handle much of it once we left the plane. Photographer was “Big Jim”. He did an excellent job too! Jump altitude was from 14,000 feet. The 50 second freefall was INSANE! Felt like forever. As for the excessive use of the geeky “thumbs-up” – I can’t explain it except to say that freefalling for the first time at 120MPH in thin air makes one do stupid stuff! I don’t know what altitude we were at when I pulled the chute (I come up with ~5,200?) Rob let me steer for much of it (360s, 180s, spirals) and he landed us perfectly. Would do it again (with less thumb waiving).

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