15,000ft Tandem Skydive – UK Black Knights 2016!

Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in Tandem Skydives

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First challenge done! I was so scared about this one, so excuse the rubbish I talk and the nerves that are showing! Pretty much froze as I was falling, so unfortunetly no in air aerobics display just yet haha! Please if you think me jumping out of a plane is worth a share, or donation the link is www.justgiving.com/2016challenge

“Bend your knees,” he says and I have to obey. From behind, he pulls the strap until the rubber scrapes my skull. I hug my arms against my chest and crank my head back, making the shackles around my thighs tighten further.

“Now,” he commands, as I try to ignore the gap where the side of the aeroplane should be, “don’t forget to smile for the camera.”

And with that, we’re gone.



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