Sunday Fun Jump at Carolinafest 2015 [Skydiving@1080p/60FPS]

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in FreeFly Videos

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I was thinking of compiling a video of all the jumps I did during Skydive Carolina’s Carolinafest 2015 Boogie, however, this single video has it all:

– A world class freefly organizer (Ryan Risberg/SDC Core) who put together a really fun dive flow
– A fantasic outside videographer (Richard Scheurich/Team Fly4Life []) who captures every moment of the skydive in fantastic style against a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds

I generally like to be brief if possible, and this short video sums up the awesomeness I had at Carolinafest without stealing too much of your life away 🙂

Music: “The Setup” by Favored Nations
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