Skydiving Hot Tip of the Week: Freefly Friendly Gear

Posted on 13. Aug, 2017 by in FreeFly Videos

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Ryan Clough from the Seamless Rigging Team walks us thru some freefly friendly gear and gives us some tips on what to look for when purchasing and maintaining your rig. Skydiving safety is important and this video touches on some important things that all of us should be paying attention to. Having the proper gear for the skydiving discipline that you are flying is important.

The video Ryan refers to can be found here:

Pay attention to:

• Proper fit of your rig
• Condition of your rig
• Tight closing loop
• Properly secured and seated cutaway and reserve handles that are matted to the Velcro
• Riser coverage
• Pin and bridal protection and coverage
• Tight BOC pouch
• Proper Freefly handle
• AAD and Audible

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