Eloy Chronicles – Tora Tora Cowboy Camp At Skydive Arizona

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in FreeFly Videos

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Enjoy our March 2013 experiences at Skydive Arizona!

ToraTora.nl came out to Skydive Arizona, USA with 2 freefly coaches and 2 wingsuit coaches to spread the love of flying and expand our skills envelope in that big blue playground we call the skies. Captured through the lens of my Sony AS15, these short videos give you a window into our world of pleasure and joy. I had a truly awesome time flying with you all.

Want to join in on the fun? Come join us in 2014 from March 2nd to March 15th for the second ToraTora Cowboy Camp! You don’t wanna miss this 🙂

Camera & Edit: Eli Gerris

Music: 1: M83 – Skin Of The Night, 2: Burning – The Whitest Boy Alive, 3: The Drums – Lets Go Surfing

Additional Footage: Jarno Cordia, Jasper Van Der Meer, Martijn Van Dam, Suzanne Zwart, Thijs Deschepper.

Wingsuit & Freefly Coaches: Benoit Syben, Jarno Cordia, Jasper Van Der Meer, Martijn Van Dam.

Jumpers: Avishai Schwartzberg, Benoit Syben, Eli Gerris, Jarno Cordia, Jim Scott, Bastiaan Engsteval, Marleen Mellisant, Michael Pasque, Suzanne Zwart, Thijs Deschepper, Jasper Van Der Meer, Martijn Van Dam, Menno Van Den Berg, Amy Dannacher, Douwe Grootendorst, Thea Kluver, Robin Awater, Dave Van Der Zee, Heidi Mckinley, Stu Lange, Oliver Finkelde, Ruta Norvaisaite, and many more…

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