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The fun continues here at DIPC 4! The Weather is amazing, and so are the competition jumps! More records broken, more triumphs, crashes, and more mind numbingly incredible flying happening on every load! Seriously, the pool of talent here is HUGE!
Today you get a bit closer look at the second Artistic event; Freefly. One of the most popular ways to spend some time after exiting an aircraft!

Edited at Skydive Dubai Studios:
Angel Railean, Butch Pablijan, Chester Barria, Emma Merritt, Michael Panahon, Shabeer Kottrath, Tigoi Sy

DIPC contributing Video Crew for this event:
Brad Merritt, Chris Pope, Darcy King, Emilia Plak, Frank Täsler, Greg Shelton, Junior Ludvig, Max Bruffell (CF), Michael Panahon, Rhys Kempen

Panoramic photography/post by Frank Täsler
Voice over by Prussia Nala Kiva

Music by Audiosocket

Song title: Speed Demon
Performer: Druu
Writer(s): Andrew Spuur
Publisher(s): LoFREEQ Music Publishing, Leopona Sub B

Song title: Sweet Tooth (Instrumental)
Performer: Robyn Newman
Writer(s): Andrew Underberg, Matthew Tishler
Publisher(s): Laundromat Music, Leopona Sub B

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