Botswana 50 Formation Skydive

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in Formation Skydiving

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50 formation for the Botswana air show.

The team that is performing the 50 formation in celebration of Botswana golden jubilee are here by invitation of the Botswana.
Department of tourism and the Parachute Association of Botswana.
The team are normally based in South Africa but are made up of 5 different nations.
This is the largest formation ever built in Botswana .
The instructors and coaches on the team have been involved in assisting the Parachute Association of Botswana to train the sports skydivers as well as setting up of the association.
The team has been carefully selected to ensure the success of the formation.
The team has in excess of 55 000 skydives between them and consists of 8 National Champions who have all competed at various World Championships.
There are 7 skydiving instructors, 3 chief instructors, 10 skydiving coaches and representatives of 4 different skydiving clubs.

The existing world records that are held by particular members are:

Eugene Potgieter, the chairman of the Johannesburg Skydiving club and head co-ordinator of the 50 formation, has represented SA on the Skydivers over Forty with the record standing at 123 skydivers.

Paul Marcellin is one of the members of the World 400 way which happened in Thailand in 2006. Still the largest formation ever built.

Riaan Berg was also part of the World Wingsuit record of 100 Wingsuit Skydivers in formation.

Members include:
Graham Field
Paul Marcellin
Eugene Potgieter
Warren Dent
Beverly Cosslett
Michael Walker
Emile van den Berg
Mohan Chudalayandy
Pierre van den Berg
Vinca Cox
Ian van den Berg
Lynn Geater
Rian Bergh
Brad Curnow
Yolandi van den Berg
Carmen van Vuuren
Bailey Edmunds
Mark Trethewey
James Meyer
Nico Hickley
Camera: Robbie Stewart

Ground video and editing by Brendon Nortier.
Ground photos of 50 by Ernie Hulley

Music: Laszlo – Fall To Light [NCS Release]
Thanks to Laszlo via No Copyright Sounds!

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