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Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in AFF - Accelerated FreeFall

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I did this AFF course between the 2nd and the 4th of January in 2015, in Skydive Spain. Honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I want to thank to all the staff at Skydive Spain (they are all HUGE professionals), but specially to my instructor, Jacobo, who not only taught almost all the things I know about skydiving but he did it in a super funny, happy and extremely nice way, always smiling and answering all my questions.

AFF Explanation:
* Level 1: Exit with 2 instructors. 3 pull practices and arch. I had some problems to find the chute at the beginning because I was not totally arched. As you can see I was a bit nervous… Well, REALLY nervous :D.
* Level 2: Exit with 2 instructors. 2 pull practices and arch. I performed a couple of 90º assisted turns. When I deployed my main parachute I had a huge line twist, like 10-12 twists. I got a bit scared, I have to say it :). I was a bit more confident, but still nervous, as you can see at the door of the plane.
* Level 3: Exit with 2 instructors. 1 pull practice. The goal of this level is to show that you’re able to maintain your stable position without the help of your instructors, so they both got separated from me and hold me again just to deploy my parachute. I was a bit unstable at the beginning as it was the first time that I was “flying” by myself.
* Level 4: Exit with 1 instructor. From now on, all levels are with 1 instructor. The goal of the level is to show skills to turn and move your body in any specific direction. I did a really unstable exit. I have to say that at this level is when you really start experiencing how skydiving feels :).
* Level 5: 1 instructor, the goal is to perform controlled 360º turns without losing the horizon reference. The exit was super unstable, and I had some problems to find the chute (I was not totally arched).
* Level 6: Exit alone, supported by instructor. The goal of this level is to lose stability during free fall, recover it, and be able to do some tracking in the direction of the instructor. As I finished these 2 exercises in time, I performed some 360º turns to practice my technique (level 7). This was the first time “flying” 100% by myself. As you can see in the video, I was super scared at the beginning, holding my hands to every single spot in the plane :D.
* Level 7: Exit alone, supported by instructor. The goal of this level is to show that you’re able to exit stable, lose stability and recover it, move your body in any direction, and track in some specific directions. I had some problems with tracking, but nothing that more practice cannot solve, I guess :).

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