AFF Jump #2 at Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by in AFF - Accelerated FreeFall

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This is the second (Category B) out of 8 jumps on my AFF course. The B Category jump (which is also a test) requires you to do 90-degree left and right turns along with stretching your legs out to move forward. Thanks to week-long practise, I did well and passed it.

Jump breakdown:
Hotel Check (Door, Signal, Arch, Jump)
Circle of awareness (Check Alti, Left Instructor, Right Instructor)
Practise pulls (x2)
Check Alti
Stretch legs out and move forward
Check Alti
Look right, Curve body towards the right and turn 90-degrees
Look left, curve body towards the left and turn 90-degrees
6,000ft Alti lockdown
5,500ft Wave off and pull chute

Great experience!

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